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Dear Giando…a letter from Arturo

Pubblichiamo il messaggio che Art Kenney ha inviato ieri al nostro Giando Ongaro, a Giorgio Papetti e a Mauro Cerioni con la promessa di tornare presto ad insegnare sport ai nostri bambini.
It’s always a thrill for me to speak to the children at Tumminelli about fundamentals on the court, and more importantly about lessons of sacrifice, team-work, positive attitude and respect for the game and coaches who act “in loco parentis” outside the lines (off the court) … and the debt of gratitude that they owe their best friends, i.e. their parents.  These children are the center of the world for their parents, and I reminded that that is why they are really their best friends, and why they should “say or demonstrate a daily” THANK YOU in some form to their parents.
Later, an older boy came in with 3-other teammates from the court next door where the older boys where practicing, and asked if I remembered him from 3-years ago when I spoke to his group.  I said “Yes,” but that he had grown so much and so well.  After searching for over 2 minutes on his i-phone, he produced the picture we had taken together … and we then took several pictures together … what fun for me … and to know that it meant a lot to him!
What a pleasure to be with the great Giando ONGARO … a true legend in my book, on-and-off-the-court, and then to be joined by Dr. Papo (former teammate Giorgio Papetti), and by former-teammate Mauro Cerioni and at dinner by Paolo Bianchi! LIFE WAS AND STILL IS GOOD!!!
I was sorry that my schedule did not allow me to return on Tuesday evening to see “Mickey’s (Ceschia-Colnago) Mouses”, the youngest group … they are precious and she is wonderful with them … BRAVA, MICKEY!!! (ndr Art si riferisce al gruppo Minibasket Malaspina).
Just one of so many thrilling and rewarding experiences during my trip!
More to come!
Grazie Fiero Guerriero see you soon!



La serie D non si ferma! Vittoria in trasferta contro Pall.Tromello


Camp. FIP – Serie D – Girone E – 2a giornata

Pall. Tromello – Tumminelli 58-65

Dopo la vittoria casalinga contro SGB Abbiategrasso di domenica scorsa, la nostra squadra senior ha colto un prezioso successo al PalaOlimpia di Gambolò (PV), contro Pall.Tromello che nella prima giornata  aveva sorpreso il PoliMi a Milano.

Una partita molto combattuta ed emozionante che ha ripagato lo sforzo dei nostri supporter giunti da Milano con la squadra.

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